Image Preview Extension for Firefox

This is a simple free Firefox add-on that will allow you to see a thumbnail of the CraigsList images without clicking on each ad. An image says a thousand words! Check out the video.


Thanks for the feedback. Here are the updates: 

  • You should unistall any previous versions of the ext.
  • Added support for Canada. + other countries.
  • Made it a little faster and more efficient. It no longer tries to get images from records with no image.
  • Added an image hover effect. A larger image will show in the top right of the screen on mouseover. 

Note: Thanks Kite from for some good ideas, although I was not able to interface your script directly, I modeled some ideas after it.

Download Instructions

  1. Launch Firefox (download Firefox here).  
  2. Click the Extention Download Link
  3. If a yellow bar is displayed at the top of the page, click the “options” button. 
  4. Follow the installation instructions provided by Firefox. 
  5. Restart Firefox. 
  6. After restarting Firefox, visit CraigsList and click on a category, such as boats
  7. Thumbnail Images should appear under each result.

Support for is coming soon.