I velcro’d my new multi-port dongle

Living the dongle life takes getting used to. I bought a new dongle the other day that basically replaces all the missing ports my old Macbook Pro had.

The hard part is figuring out where to put it. Today, I had the bright idea to velcro it to the side of my external monitor. Now, I can take it off easily when I travel, but when I’m home and plugged in, my dongle’s not dangling off the side of my elevated laptop like the silly dongle that it truly is.

So far, this dongle has been pretty great. It’s got an SD Card reader (which I needed the most), an HDMI port, two USB-3.0 ports, a USB-C port (so it stays net neutral on USB-C), and even an ethernet port (on top in this picture) in case I need to plugin in directly.

I opted for this one because it has the extension from the main unit. I read reviews of some of the ones that connect directly to the side of the computer, but while they look really nice and clean, it turns out those can get unweildy when your laptop is laying flat on the desk (if the dongle is thicker than the computer) and they are less forgiving of bumps or other disconnection opportunities.

$65 was a little pricy for one dongle but when I have this one, it’s possible to get away with just one dongle, except in the most extreme dongle circumstances.

Feature image by osde8info on Wunderstock (license)

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