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5 Useless USB Gadgets from the 2010s

USB gadgets come in all shapes and sizes, and if the only one you owned in 2013 was a thumb drive to store boring documents, you were clearly not living the life of a tech geek. USB ports abounded in the 2010s and had to be put to use.

Take a trip with us down down memory lane. Here are some of our favorite USB gadgets from the early 2010s to pick on.


I velcro’d my new multi-port dongle

Living the dongle life takes getting used to. I bought a new dongle the other day that basically replaces all the missing ports my old Macbook Pro had.


An opportunity for a new dongle

Fortunately, the iPhone 7 doesn’t have that hideous 3.5 mm headphone jack, and Apple® graciously provided a little dongle so I can still use my ancient headphones that didn’t have the good sense of having a lightning connection.