About this site

A blog about dongles, really? I decided to create this blog partly out of desparation and partly out of fascination. As an industrial and UX designer, I’ve observed the following two trends in computing:

  • The slimming down of laptops and removal of ports
  • The increasing number of devices we can plug into our computers

Whether it’s a USB fishtank or an old FireWire scanner, there’s never been more things to plug into your computer. But with ports changing or being taken away so often, consumers have been caught in a lurch– what to do all the dongle adapters needed to connect them.

This blog is intended to be both a fun and serious take on a new trend in computing.

About me

I’m an industrial and user experience designer based in SF. I mainly focus on UX these days, but am also available for any project related to interaction design or industrial design.