5 Useless USB Gadgets from the 2010s

USB gadgets come in all shapes and sizes, and if the only one you owned in 2013 was a thumb drive to store boring documents, you were clearly not living the life of a tech geek. USB ports abounded in the 2010s and had to be put to use.

Take a trip with us down down memory lane. Here are some of our favorite USB gadgets from the early 2010s to pick on.


What is a USB Dongle?

People often talk about USB-this and USB-that. Between USB flash drives, USB bluetooth and USB-WiFi, it’s pretty easy to get confused about just what a USB dongle is. In this post we will look at the origins of the term and explain the different types of USB dongles available.


Image Preview Extension for Firefox

This is a simple free Firefox add-on that will allow you to see a thumbnail of the CraigsList images without clicking on each ad. An image says a thousand words! Check out the video.


Thanks for the feedback. Here are the updates: 

  • You should unistall any previous versions of the ext.
  • Added support for Canada. + other countries.
  • Made it a little faster and more efficient. It no longer tries to get images from records with no image.
  • Added an image hover effect. A larger image will show in the top right of the screen on mouseover. 

Note: Thanks Kite from userscripts.org for some good ideas, although I was not able to interface your script directly, I modeled some ideas after it.

Download Instructions

  1. Launch Firefox (download Firefox here).  
  2. Click the Extention Download Link
  3. If a yellow bar is displayed at the top of the page, click the “options” button. 
  4. Follow the installation instructions provided by Firefox. 
  5. Restart Firefox. 
  6. After restarting Firefox, visit CraigsList and click on a category, such as boats
  7. Thumbnail Images should appear under each result.

Support for Craigslist.ca is coming soon.

Choose your poison: Bluetooth or dongles

The future is wireless, sure, but it turns out I am not the only person frustrated by the current state of Bluetooth. Chris Coyier gives an honest and refreshing review of his all new computer and accessories setup. It’s not all roses, even at the high end of the technology spectrum.


I velcro’d my new multi-port dongle

Living the dongle life takes getting used to. I bought a new dongle the other day that basically replaces all the missing ports my old Macbook Pro had.


An opportunity for a new dongle

Fortunately, the iPhone 7 doesn’t have that hideous 3.5 mm headphone jack, and Apple® graciously provided a little dongle so I can still use my ancient headphones that didn’t have the good sense of having a lightning connection.